Power Brochure


Bioenergol Power is a food supplement especially designed for men. Bioenergol Power is indicated for cases of fatigue and physical and sexual tiredness in men, where there is diminished sexual desire and vitality.It is an energizing tonic and stimulant when there is a need of a boost in sexual performance,also Contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood and to normal fertility and reproduction.

INGREDIENTS Daily  quantity
L-arginine L-aspartate 2000 mg

Lepidium meyenii W., root aqueous fluid extract

500 mg
Zinc 10 mg (%100)


Bioenergol Power contains:

14  x  monodose vials  or sachets 10 ml

It is advised to take the contents of 1 monodose vial. It could be taken simple or diluted in water or juice.

Shake it well before use, remove the cap from the vial and drink it immediately.

Side effects:

Without known side effects


If you are hypersensitive to any of its constituents, you should not take this supplement. Contains sugars and sweeteners. Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.