Founded in 2008, Sina Arat Gostar started its activity as an importer of shortage medicines. Being in direct contact with many authorized wholesalers globally and providing shortage medicines as a leading importer, made us to take a step forward to establishment of our sister company, Sina Pishgam Darou Novin in 2011. Sina Pishgam Darou Novin has been specialized for the import of registered products from all over the world especially European countries. Taking quality and in-time supply of medicines into consideration, made our import and R&D department  to work mainly with esteemed suppliers to name some of which, German POHL-BOSKAMP, Slovakian BB PHARMA, Italian BIOINDUSTRIA & FISIOPHARMA, French SERB, English STD, Greek Uni-Pharma, Portuguese BLUEMED, BLUEPHARMA, GENERIS & TECNIFAR, Spanish BOHM. A portfolio of over 30 registered products during these years is another proof of our efforts to supply mostly-needed products in pharmaceutical market.

Sina Group, now being a strong arm in Iran’s pharmaceutical market, is dealing to reach its aim as a top pharmacy company despite all barriers and highly competitive circumstances. It has also acquired legal permissions from Iran Ministry of Health, the main authority for approval of pharmaceutical activities, for its importation. Our commitment to in-time supply and quality of products being supplied is our vision not only said but also showed.