About us sina pishgam

As part of Iran pharmaceutical Industry, Sina Pishgam Darou Novin has been in the past 8 years contributing in supplying Iran market with medicinal products from a wide range of suppliers mainly European sources.

Sina Group started its activity as a supplier in shortage cases and with foundation of Sina Pishgam in 2011 the company got seriously involved in pharmaceutical supply chain and is right now the exclusive distributor of 26 companies having a portfolio of 47 already launched products and another 37 products on the registration process. Moreover, Business Development and Regulatory teams of Sina are constantly working on adding new products from well-known companies to this portfolio focusing to cover special pharmaceutical demands of the patients.

Sina, having always the idea of being helpful in its horizons, also started local manufacturing of products through contract manufacturing since 2015. The portfolio of successfully launched local products currently includes four and other products will be soon registered and launched into the market.

In registration and exclusive distributorship, Sina is taking the same approach of being helpful and has been among the main importers of antidotes especially for heavy metal toxicities as an example. The other registered products have been all chosen to target the market gap and demand of the patients.