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Leading the field of production, import and export of medicines

Sina Group started its activity as a supplier in shortage cases and with foundation of Sina Pishgam in 2011 the company got seriously involved in pharmaceutical supply chain and is right now the exclusive distributor of 26 companies having a portfolio of 47 already launched products and another 37 products on the registration process. Moreover, Business Development and Regulatory teams of Sina are constantly working on adding new products from well-known companies to this portfolio focusing to cover special pharmaceutical demands of the patients.

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About us sina pishgam

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About us sina pishgam

Sina Pishgam Darou Novin

Our private pharmacies keep us in touch with the heart of the market and our managers pharmacy academic background gives us invaluable expertise.


Research & Development

  • 1.Become a company

    To a knowledge-based company in the field of new technologies

  • 2.Investigation

    Examining the market of advanced industrialized Countries.
    New drug findings and recommendation to food and Drug administration for new molecule entry (IDL), after approval by Research committee.

  • 3.Formulation development and Design

    Appropriate pharmaceutical forms, structure and characterization of pharmaceutical active ingredients until formulation approval

  • 4.Production of the first industrial batch

    After conducting stability tests on the test sample the first industrial batch of the new product is manufactured with the cooperation and supervision of the research unit at the relevant manufacturing unit.

  • 5.Quality improvement and improvement of products

    In order to realize the company’s strategy for continuous improvement of the quality and application of new technologies in the production of current products, the research unit always has problems in the production lines.

  • 6. Documentation

    Related to the optimized formulation or new formula used in pharmaceutical CTDs and the formulation of questionnaires for nutritional supplements are compiled in this section.



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